The Bermuda Star Rangers 2022


In the year 2055 AD (333 years of the planet Bermuda), an international research flying saucer led by Chinese captain Mo Jiahai was searching for planets with signs of life in space. They found a humanoid planet but ran out of energy while performing space shuttle and could no longer start up just after reaching this planet. The surviving Earthlings found that their bodies’ respiratory systems could not fully adapt. Unwilling to pin their hopes entirely on the AI robots, some of the Earthlings endured the uncomfortable air and stepped out of the ship, where they secretly reproduced on the planet. Hundreds of years passed, and the Earthlings who gradually adapted to the planet Bermuda also reproduced secretly from generation to generation, with the secret of the flying saucer buried deep in the desert of the planet.

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Genre: Action, Movie
Duration: 100 Min

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