Fake Guardians

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the film is about In the bustling metropolis, three dodder heads (Zhang Yishan ornaments), know (Peng Bo ornaments), Liren (Duan Junhao ornaments), due to Li Wanyi (Hongjian Tao) construction companies in arrears of various remuneration and fees and Come together, three people with the enemy 忾 forced to set foot on the road to debt collection debt.

[kai0205 mp4=”https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/sBHhQ-739FRCIUdk1ymJ_XyhaJehQow_-Nzy81bCyLD8o00DYHgR858_4FOIJdB2kBa55sR98UpZIg=m22″]

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Movie
Duration: null Min

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